Hallikar is a native breed of cattle that has originated from the former princely state of Vijayanagar, a part of Karnataka. This breed is predominantly found in Mysore, Mandya, Hassan, Bangalore, Kolar, Chitradurga and Tumkur districts of Karnataka. Hallikar is also known as the Mysore breed. It is said to be one of the best draught breeds of South India. Most of the current breeds found in South India have originated from the Hallikar, including the Amrit Mahal breed of cattle.


Sahiwal cow derives its name from the place called Sahiwal in the Montegmory district of Punjab in Pakisthan. This is the native place of this breed with its breeding tract include Amritsar and Ferozpur districts of Punjab Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. This is a pure Indian cow breed and good herds are available in the towns of Fazilka and Abohar at Ferozepur district in Punjab. This breed is the most preferred dairy cow in India-Pakistan border regions. It is recognized as one of the best Indian cow breeds and well-known among milch cows. This breed is known by different names like “Lola”, “Lambi Bar”, “Multani”, “Montgomery”, and “Teli”. These caws are brownish red in color with shades ranging from red to greyish red.


Ability as draught purpose: The bullocks are active, hardy and subsist on scanty ration. They are not fast trotters but suitable for heavy draught.


The Indian Gir Cow is considered to be one of the gentler breed of cows from India. Basically a milk giving breed, they are known for their heavy build and docile temperament. This Indian breed originated in the Gir forest region and the surrounding districts of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. This breed can easily give good competition to the high milk yielding cows like Jersey from the western countries.


The Kankrej is an Indian breed of zebuine cattle. It originates from the arid region of the Rann of Cutch in the state of Gujarat, and in neighbouring Rajasthan. Under the name Kankaraj, it is also present in Tharparkar District, in Sindh, Pakistan. It is also known by the names Bannai, Nagar, Talabda, Vaghiyar, Wagad, Waged, Vadhiyar, Wadhiar, Wadhir and Wadial.It is a dual-purpose breed, used both for draught work and for milk production.

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